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Rated 4.85 out of 5 stars. Based on 230 Reviews

Fabulous Products by Cheryl on 05/09/2016

It's amazing how such a small and painless treatment can make such a big change for my patients. Thanks Nova Threads!

Immediate results by Marina S on 03/31/2016

Love working with Novathreads. Excellent quality and results.

Five star product by silvia on 03/25/2016

Amazing product ,very easy to use and with multiple application areas for light lift and texture improvement

Lip and nasolabial fold by El Sherif Omar on 02/26/2016

I love the way this thread helps define the border of the lip. I also love it when trying to improve natural assume try patients may have.

Works great on face, neck and body by El Sherif Omar on 02/26/2016

I really enjoyed using the larger barbed thread as unidirectional and bidirectional thread with great results. Minimal bruising, downtime or pain. My patients have been very happy with the results.

substantial revenue stream for my practice! by Ti Jo on 02/08/2016

I just got my starter package after last weeks training and I've already done a YouTube video demonstration and booked 2 threadlift cases within the first 10 days. This will add a substantial revenue stream for my practice! Thank you cosmofrance and the new Novathreads!

Smooth and easy to use by Donna-Marie on 01/27/2016

I often use this when the area needs small amt of volume. Lips (not boarder), nasal folds, and oral commissures areas.

Excellent cannula for Belotero by John on 01/27/2016

These are nice gauge cannulas for Bellotero.

informative by Cindy on 01/25/2016

brochures are informative and helpful to patients

Nova Threads Twist 29G x 1 1/2" by Dr Bonnie on 01/25/2016

I have always enjoyed sculpting beautiful lips and wasn't sure I would be much interested in using Nova Threads for this purpose. However, using the Nova Threads Twist 29Gx1 1/2" threads has proven to be an awesome, easy to place with minimal post-op swelling and the immediate results are exciting. I was so impressed with the results for my patients that I used them for my own lips. I highly recommend them.

Great Product.... by Larry on 01/22/2016

Orders always come quickly and ordering is easy. Great products as well.

Great! by Marina on 01/14/2016

Results outstanding. Patients love. Gives great lift and defines nicely.

Great customer service by Angela on 12/14/2015

Great customer service and shipping. I love my Cosmopen.

Very good product by Thomas on 12/11/2015

Patient feels more comfortable and less chances of bruising

Great product by Stephanie on 12/07/2015

Easy to use, minimal to no bruising, keeps patients comfortable.

PRP kit review by IRINA on 12/02/2015

very easy to use with high yield of PRP . very satisfied with results

Best Bang for your Buck by Virginia on 11/30/2015

The Barb2 is strong and lifts very well. I love Nova Threads! you and your patients get the best bang for your buck!!

Good Product by Carmen on 11/29/2015

Good enough to be recommended

Perfect by Carmen on 11/29/2015

The product is fantastic

love this product by Ron on 11/26/2015

have been using this for 2+ yrs. now and it is my go to cannula. Great product

Good results by pdtn on 11/23/2015

The 1.5" smooth is really good for people with bigger lips.

This is a great product! by Gaspar on 11/19/2015

The product is great. I love the new dimension of treatment it allows me to offer my patients.

Nova Threads by Tatiana on 11/18/2015

I have been using Nova threads for 2 months now. It is more than magic! Finally we have the missing puzzle I was always dreaming about. My patients are thrilled with the results.It is well tolerated and requires minimum to no down time. Now we have the ability to re-create beautiful jaw line, remodel the full face, and lift the neck. And of course, you can now bring youth to the rest of the body: knees, thighs, abdomen, arms, and decolletage. There are no limitations when working with Nova Threads! Not to mention, the great company support. Tatiana Alexeev, Nurse Practitioner Advanced Medical Aesthetics Deer Park, IL

Great product by pdtn on 11/16/2015

Good for precise enhancements such as lip vermmilion borders.

too short by Andrey on 11/05/2015

I use it for PRP injections, and need it to be 50-100% longer. Just to avoid to make more holes.

Great for tear trough by Christine on 10/28/2015

Excellent cannula for precise placement of filler especially in the tear trough

This is a game changer for lip augmentations! by Michelle on 10/23/2015

My clients are so happy there is no bruising, less pain and no lumps or bumps using these cannulas for their lip procedures. Being able to leave wearing lipstick and not having swelling or bruising is a game changer!

quality product by Kelli on 10/22/2015

On my second box of COSMO PEN tips, seem to be a good quality product. No malfunctions of any kind. Great results with microneedling with the COSMO PEN. happy customer!

Great! by Tanya on 10/22/2015

This was my first time using a cannula and this product was so easy to use!

Great Cannula by Stephanie on 10/22/2015

Great Cannula, easy to use!

Great Cannula! by REM on 10/21/2015

I have been using another cannula for the past couple years but needed the 22G to better address fibrous areas. My patients are thrilled with the results from cannulas!

Nice addition to 27 gauge for smaller areas to fill. by Delia on 10/20/2015

Can use easily under eyes or at corners of lips or earlobes.

Great size by Delia on 10/20/2015

Really nice for under eyes, tear trough, and temples in clients with thin skin.

Reduces trauma by Jeffrey on 10/19/2015

Great for reducing the trauma of filler administration

High Quality by Clay on 10/16/2015

Works great and does what I need it to do. Patients love it!

blunt tip by Dr. TJ on 10/13/2015

can be used for majority of all fillers. will order 2 inch next time

blunt tips by Dr. TJ on 10/13/2015

I thought there would be high resistance in pushing product but was same effort as 27 gauge. Game changer!

Love the 27g x 1 1/2 inch cannula. by Mitchell on 10/06/2015

Patients' feel much more comfortable and are very happy with the lack of bruising sometime associated with dermal fillers

Great product! by Dr. DANNY Soares on 10/06/2015

Love the variety of sizes! A MUST HAVE WHEN DOING FILLERS!

Easy cleanup by Debe on 10/01/2015

I love using the sleeves. Much easier cleanup

Love Cosmopen!!! by Debe on 10/01/2015

We love Cosmopen and so do our patients! We are getting the best results!!!!

Great video by Chynna on 09/23/2015

Very thorough DVD. Very helpful.

My favorite by Christina on 09/22/2015

My favorite cannula is the 27G1.5". I would never go back to the regular way of filling a patients. There is no bruising which is amazing! Our patients love it, and so do I !

Just as good as the 27G by Karol on 09/18/2015

See my other review - I use both.

Minimize Bruising by Karol on 09/18/2015

I've been using the DermaSculpt cannulas for years and patient comment on how much less bruising they have compared to needles.

Pen Tips by Lisa on 09/18/2015

These Pen tips work wonderfully and they attach easily without any problems. Great product.

great by Olga on 09/15/2015

Love it

Very Pleased by Julia on 09/15/2015

I have been very pleased with the addition of these blunt tipped cannulas while treating my patients.

Excellent Tool by Rafael on 09/13/2015

Truly revolutionary for use with PRP and/or filler injections. Painless to the patient, and relatively simple to use (However, I would highly suggest training for beginner and average users).

Great Product by Neal on 09/09/2015

Our patients are very satisfied with the cannula injection versus the traditional needle injection. Patients report less pain and less bruising. We also like that these cannulas come packaged with an injection needle.

I am loving the results by Michelle on 09/09/2015

I am loving the results. I get using the cannulas and my patients are too.

Cosmo Pen by William on 09/03/2015

This is an amazing product. We have done many faces and all have returned for more sessions. It's fun and easy to use with great noticeable results. I wouldn't buy another laser after using this product.

Happy with my first purchase by Leila on 09/03/2015

I am really happy with my first purchase and I will continue to buy more Cosmopen products in a very close future.

New to using Cannulas by Danny on 09/01/2015

Have heard all about using cannulas for dermal fillers. Tried the 27gauge for cheeks and had an excellent result with no pain, no bruising. Pt. loved the procedure

Good Product by CLS on 08/31/2015

The product is easy to use and effective.

Painless lip injection by Dr. Goodnight on 08/27/2015

I first use this cannula to numb the lips and then painlessly and perfectly evenly augment the lips. It also works great for midface and orbital rim fillers from two needle openings per side

Favorite Cannula! by Dr Dhir on 08/26/2015

Love this product. I ran through my first box of cannulas within a few weeks!

good - needs more photos by Amarpreet on 08/25/2015

high quality pamphlets. Only wish they had photos of other indications in addition to just for acne scarring

Excellent by Cheryl on 08/25/2015

We searched far and wide for a supplier and we have found this product to be ideal for our practice

Wouldn't use anything else! by Leslie on 08/11/2015

The 30g canula is perfect to use for filling the tear trough area. Since it's so thin, it easily glides through the tissue, leaves no bruising and my patients are very comfortable and surprised at how painless it is.

excellent by James on 08/06/2015

Nice disposable solution for fat transfer to face

Excellent by James on 08/06/2015

Perfect for midface filers from 1 21 g needle hole per side

excellent canula by James on 08/06/2015

perfect for lip augmentation

Great for fillers by Alan on 08/03/2015

This is the ideal cannula for fillers and for the tear trough area. There is almost no bruising and swelling. It has changed my approach to the tear trough.

Great for Belotero by Alan on 08/03/2015

These are perfect for fine lines, particularly with Belotero.

happy with system by eskandar on 07/31/2015

I am very excited and happy with the ultimate bundle of cosmopen. I saved a lot

Textbook results! by Larry Blevins on 07/28/2015

Less bruising and comfortable for the patients.

great product by Michael, MD on 07/22/2015

great product and patients are very pleased with the results! Happy patients = happy doctor :)

great for corrections by Ilona on 07/20/2015

This cannula is excellent for injection of hyaluronidase: performs with the precision of a needle minus the unnecessary trauma and bruising. It is also very useful for fine tuning and more superficial filler placement in peri-orbital area. However I found it to be too short to be routinely used for tear trough injections (which I originally bought it for). Will have to stick with 27G 1.5" for that purpose until they start making 30G in 38mm as well.

Great product by Yoash R on 07/14/2015

Safe, reliable, and easy to use! Would like better bulk pricing.

Great for filler by Dr. Chang on 07/08/2015

Great cannula, less bruising and discomfort.

Easy to use/Safer by John on 07/07/2015

Easy to use, far more comfortable for patient, and less risk to patient. Thank you.

Love these Cannula! by Lydia on 07/01/2015

Great cannula easy to use. It works with just about every filler. Patients bruise far less and it is durable enough to use with multiply syringes. I love the 25G x1/2 too.

Great product by wpc on 07/01/2015

Works well

Can be better by Rachel on 07/01/2015

I like these cannulas but think they can be improved with the orifice being moved closer to the end of the tip of the cannula. It is difficult to get your product in the correct tissue plane when injecting patients with very thin periorbital skin. Curtain technique doesn't completely resolve this issue because of the distance of the orifice from the cannula tip.

Great product by Eduardo on 06/30/2015

It works very well with any kind of filler. No bleeding, easy to use

Happy Injector by A Chang, MD on 06/12/2015

Great product and love the new packaging with the needle included. The only thing that can be improved is smoother fitting to syringes like Juvederm and Voluma. Occasionally, the hub of these syringes crack.

Minimal Brusing by Lorie on 06/06/2015

Patients love the method and results have been unbelievable!

Minimal brusing! by Lorie on 06/06/2015

Patients love the method and results have been unbelievable!

Amazing! by Lorie on 06/06/2015

Patients love the method and results have been unbelievable!

Amazing! by Lorie on 06/06/2015

Patients love the method and results have been unbelievable!

excellent by claudia on 06/04/2015

I usually use dermasculpt with my allergan fillers

Great Product by Keri on 05/27/2015

All of our providers use this product and we continue to purchase them because they are comfortable for our patients, easy to use, and we see phenomenal results with them.

Happy by Hannah on 05/22/2015

We are happy with our purchase. Shipment and order process fast and easy

Cannulas by LB on 05/19/2015

I get excellent results with these particular cannulas when doing dermal filler in the nasolabial folds. Makes bruising a thing of the past!

Better when watched a second time by Thomas on 05/15/2015

My summary says it all, I did find some useful tips when seeing the video for the second time. Definitely worth having in your training library.

Thank you by Debe on 05/13/2015

Thank you for the awesome customer service. We love our Derma Sculpt!!

I love my CosmoPen and the great customer service! by Debe on 05/13/2015

Thank you Samantha for all your help. I love my CosmoPen and the great customer service!!

Brochures by Renee on 05/11/2015

Very helpful our patients grab then as they arrive in office.

Less discomfort, less bruising, and easy to use by James on 05/08/2015

I have been using them for 6 months and rarely use sharp technique anymore as bunt cannulas are so much better.

Good by Mike on 05/07/2015

Awesome product for fillers

Loved the DVD by MD Susana Segura on 05/04/2015

I liked the fact that it recommends the different cannula sizes according to the procedure. I would have liked to see the procedure for the neck fillers explained...

Loved the DVD by MD Susana Segura on 05/04/2015

Very nice review,I liked the fact that it recommends the sizes used for each procedure...I would have liked to see the fillers for neck explained in the DVD.

revolution in Dermal Fillers by Dr kashlan on 05/02/2015

DermaSculpt MicroCannulas made Dermal Fillers easy and painless. Patients who had the procedure done with traditional needles found a big difference. It is a must if you want to retain Clients and eliminate discomfort.

Very Positive by Eddie Moran on 04/30/2015

I teach a Juvederm and Botox Training course and I use this cannula exclusively. Participants have a steep learning curve at first, but with the right instruction get the hang of manipulating a flexible cannula while injecting product. They are skeptical until I show the photo of a woman after intra-arterial injection of Juvederm with subsequent tissue necrosis. Patients tolerate this cannula much better than repeated punctures with a 31 gauge 0.5 inch needle supplied with the Juvederm.

most popular by Ilona on 04/30/2015

i love working with this cannula. over time i started using it for all fillers in all areas other than the lips. it allows for effortless injections of even the thickest fillers, yet it is small enough and provides excellent comfort level for my patients - no pain, no bruising ever resulted from it. will definitely continue using it!

excellent product by TransForme MD on 04/30/2015

I received my cosmopen about 2 months ago and have been it using it for acne scarring. The pen paid for itself within the first week and the results that we are getting are remarkable! Highly recommended

Great for reducing bruise healing time. by LJ on 04/23/2015

I give a small container to each of my patients if they show any sign that they may bruise, And they all love it, Reports the healing time of the bruise is easily cut in half,

Easy to use, rarely any bruising! by LJ on 04/23/2015

I use this canula more than any other size. Can use to sculpt each side of the face with 1 maybe two punctures. Rarely any bruisng and very comfortable for the patient.

Excellent by Barbara on 04/22/2015

Love your products and how quickly our orders are received

good by JR on 04/21/2015

good overall

Excellent cannuas by Dr. Konstantin on 04/20/2015

I've been using these cannulas for a year. Great product. Virtually painless injection and minimal bruising.

great product. good price by SEMS on 04/20/2015

We love these. They are priced very reasonably.

Basic but good by Thomas Ellis on 04/11/2015

I bought this DVD hoping to learn some new tricks using blunt tip cannulas. I have been using them for several years with good success but one must always want to better one's skills. I was hoping for more patient assessments, treatments, and before and after photos. This DVD is more about the mechanics of inserting the cannula and getting it to go where you want it to go. It's a nicely made video and Dr. Karimi does a good job of narrating it but again it's quite basic.

Good but too short by nicole on 04/09/2015

Good but too short

consistent product by Ron Razzore, MD on 04/09/2015

This always works well for me with no surprises.

consistent product by captron on 04/09/2015

This product always works well for me, without problems.

Great for use with Sculptra by Dr. Jenny on 04/04/2015

If you use Sculptra and have had problems with needle clogging, here is your answer! I use the 25 g cannula with Sculptra anywhere in the face. I get less bruising, almost no clogging issues, easy access to the whole cheek area with only one injection site, and happy, satisfied patients!

micro-needling by Renee on 04/03/2015

We are very impressed with the Cosmopen. We ordered the bundle kit and we found that this would be the best deal and it is.

Great by Juliet on 04/01/2015

Brochures with customized labels are great.

works well by Pam on 03/27/2015

was as described and delivered in a timely manner

excellent by Med Boutique on 03/24/2015

The cannulas lead to increased patient satisfaction because of less pain, swelling and bruising.

Excellent course. Five stars all the way. by William Andersen on 03/16/2015

I attended both the DermaSculpt cannula and CosmoPen microneedling sessions in Miami yesterday. Dr. Karimi is an outstanding trainer and very personable. I am very glad that I made the effort to attend this course and am looking forward to implementing the many tips I have taken home with me. And thanks to Mayoral Dermatology for providing a beautiful office and support for the entire session !

excellent by Mok on 03/13/2015

I have been using these microcannulas for injecting fillers to the entire orbital area by tunneling the microcannula to the areas to be treated. I have also been using the same technique to add filler to the face and jawline. My patients are extremely happy with the results.

This product feels great on skin, very rich in moisture by La Bella Skin Care on 03/06/2015

Smooths skin wrinkles and tightens up skin. Rich moisturizer for dry, dull skin.

Excellent for bruising by Kristen on 03/04/2015

We used the cannula on a patient who always bruises with fillers, and with this, came out of it with no bruising!

workhorse of microcannulas by Dr. K on 03/04/2015

This is my "go to" microcannula for the majority of the fillers I use.

Great for fillers by Dr. Yaghouti on 02/27/2015

I have been using this product for several months for Sculptra as well as most my HA filler injections and am very satisfied with it. I exclusively use the 2 inch 22 G cannula for lips enhancements, nasolabial folds, cheeks, brows, and temporal hollow injections.

Awesome Training in Aliso Viejo by Jan on 02/26/2015

I recently completed a Dermasculpt micro cannula training in Aliso Viejo with Dr. Karimi and must say that this has been the best hands-on cosmetic training I have ever received. Dr. Karimi paid individual attention to every member of the group and I never felt rushed when it was my turn. He wanted to make sure that everybody feels comfortable using the Dermasculpt cannulas before the training concluded. Awesome teacher and class!!! I emailed him with a few questions afterwards and he responded very fast.

Great by MD Allison Readinger on 02/26/2015

Awesome product, ideal for fillers

Good by Kimberly on 02/26/2015

Awesome! Love this product!

HydroGelmask by APOTHECCARY on 02/24/2015

Very soothing -- perfect for after a treatment. helps reduce redness and down-time.

excellent by Dr. Miller on 02/18/2015

The cannulas are excellent, reliable, and useful for a variety of applications.

Minimizes Downtime by LUMEN Laser Center on 02/17/2015

Patients love that it minimizes their chances of bruising!

Vey informative book by Leslie Jarrett on 02/16/2015

Great book, lots of detail, especially with "why's" behind the process.

Great Trainong DVD by LJ on 02/16/2015

The DVD training video was great! In-depth, great explanations about the proceedure as well as why each step was to be taken. I would recommend this to all health care providers looking to add this to their parctice,

very good results by silvia on 02/11/2015

the quality of the tx depends on the strength of the tx the products that are used during and after the tx. and patient compliance with post care regimen. We've had excellent results so far and our patients are very satisfied

Amazing product! by Grayce Yannuzzi on 02/07/2015

Microcannula makes a world of difference! Almost no brushing and minimal swelling! I highly recommend them to all my colleges!

works well by MD Ted Brezel on 02/05/2015

works as advertised

works well by Ted Brezel on 02/05/2015

works as advertised

there is less hurt and less bruising by george on 01/30/2015

there is less hurt and less bruising

Great product! by Dr Deena on 01/21/2015

No bruising. I've used it in lower eyelids and cheeks. Patients report no pain or discomfort.

Love it for Sculptra by DO Carlene Ashley on 01/09/2015

Love the 25G microcannulas for injecting Sculptra. And love the 27G for injecting other fillers.

Thank you! by Hope Rosario on 01/08/2015

Exactly what I needed

excellent product!! by A.P Green, M.D. on 01/08/2015

I have been very pleased (and needless to say so have my patients also) with this product. Ease of use, avoidance of bruising and less discomfort are the key features I have found.

Excellent by Ethan on 01/05/2015

Incredibly useful tool for our needs. Thank you!

Excellent Product by mike on 12/31/2014

Love the product. Less needle sticks, less bruising, less pain. I use a 22G needle, not the one in the kit and that makes it much easier to start.

Love the 27 x 1 1/2 cannula by Reflect on 12/30/2014

Patients experience less bruising and discomfort with the use of the 27 x 1 1/2 cannula. Love it!

Love using the cannulas for filler. by Susan on 12/29/2014

I love using the cannulas for filler. Easy to use, more comfortable for patient and less bruising. Safer too. Thanks

excellent cannulas by drfaryramos on 12/22/2014

I enjoyed each of the canulas I used and noticed the difference between them definitely a must to have a safe aesthetic practice

Awesome results with this product by LB on 12/19/2014

With the use of this product I am able to apply the product.

Outstanding product! by Ana Carolina on 12/18/2014

I have been using this product for over 2 years now and will not use any other brand! I only purchase from here, ease to use, excellent patient satisfaction!

great product by aanw on 12/10/2014

works just great. Good price.

durable, easy to use by Mike on 12/10/2014

great product - it can be bent slightly for a better injection and is of consistent quality. Perfect length for most facial applications.

Perfect sculpting tool for mid face! by SDiva on 12/08/2014

I was a former trainer with Merz Aesthetics and trained numerous providers on their cannulas. I prefer this company's cannula because they are not so flimsy yet are pliable enough to get the job done. The results are perfect every time, minimal discomfort and virtually no bruising.

Cannulas by newbeauty on 12/08/2014

Our patients are very happy with the use of the cannulas. The results are incredible and the physicians are using them on 90% of injectable fillers in all three of our offices. thanks~

Love it! by Dr. Skip on 12/03/2014

Relatively new to this field but in my 'newbie' mind, the only way to fly.........definitely standard of care.........

My favorite by Paul Francisco on 12/02/2014

Our clinic have been using the cannulas in our practice. No bruising nor pain for the patient... My favorite is the 27G X 1.5"

thumbs up by Dr. d on 11/30/2014

These cannulas work as advertised. This larger gauge is required for perlane. Minimal pain and minimal bruising. I agree these are safer than Sharp needles. Pricey,but I don't see an alternative.

Good solid product by MD Ns on 11/30/2014

Good solid product. Fairly priced.

Pleased by BMD on 11/28/2014

Cannulas seem to be working well with minimal issues, pleased with the purchase

Best one by Ney on 11/28/2014

Good product

We love by Jennifer on 11/26/2014

We are very happy with this product. It is so helpful in the evenness of filler products.

great product by Sonal Patel on 11/23/2014

Great for injecting under the eyes.

I love these!! by SF on 11/18/2014

Every one of my patients have little to no bruising compared to regular needles. My patients have also enjoyed the decrease in the pain level when I use the cannulas. I will continue to order and recommend these to fellow physicians!

Increases confidence by New injector on 11/15/2014

I am so pleased with this product. There is no bruising, less discomfort and I feel more confident that I will not occlude a vessel.

Customers love it by Dom on 11/13/2014


Great Product! by MD Gordon Kaplan on 11/06/2014

We have definitely seen less bruising when using this product! We have used it in the cheeks, under the eyes & even the hands! Would highly recommend.

Great Product!! by Gordon Kaplan M.D. on 11/06/2014

This product is great! Definitely have seen less bruising with this product. We have used it under the eyes, cheeks, hands. Would highly recommend.

Excellent by Emily on 11/03/2014

I love the results I'm getting with this product!

Good product. Desire one correction of item. by Grace on 10/29/2014

I'm a nurse for a plastic surgeon. He loves your product and the blunt tip needles.

Love these masks by Sonya at Magnolia Medspa on 10/28/2014

We use a lot of medical grade hydrating masks but these are our favorite!

Love these masks by Magnolia Medspa on 10/28/2014

We have used quite a few different medical grade hydrating masks and these are our favorites!

excellent product by MD Alan Bienstock on 10/23/2014

This is great and easy to use for fat grafting with hardly any bruising.

Fabulous product by MD Alan Bienstock on 10/23/2014

They are easy to use and create virtually no bruising.

Fabulous product by MD Alan Bienstock on 10/23/2014

The cannulas are easy to use for NL folds and tear trough areas. There is hardly any bruising and no massaging is required.

excellent by Fabulous product on 10/23/2014

These cannulas are very easy to use and are excellent for fillers. There is hardly and bruising and you don' t need to massage the product.

We really like this product by Malcolm Rude on 10/21/2014

It works great and allows Dr Rude to inject in more areas safely and easily! Will definitely order more!

Patients aren't bruised by Marylin on 10/08/2014

The feedback from our patients is excellent when the blunt cannulas are used for their facial injections.

Excellent by Miki Jenkins on 10/06/2014

First of all, I want to review Dr. Karimi as an excellent instructor and providing his expertise and giving his undivided attention . I find it rare to have a physician in his field so caring and giving . He was remarkable as a trainer especially encouraging each of the others in the group. As far as the cannulas by Dermasculpt I found them gentle and easy to work with. I will use these in my practice for 95% of my filler injections.

Great course for practitioner who wants to improve filler skills. by Mi Ran on 10/06/2014

That was a great course; it improved my filler skills. It was amazing that patient don't feel any pain. Dr. Karimi is very approachable, and a great teacher. I highly recommend this training. You Must take this course.

Thanks Dr Karimi for a great workshop last Saturday by Lewit Worrell, MD on 10/06/2014

Your skill as a surgeon is accentuated only by your understated non- elitist personality and your steady and reliable hands. Not a combination readily found! I will be doing a few patients today with cannulas…

I just completed a training to get certified... by Madalene Rose on 10/06/2014

I just completed a training to get certified in using the cannula by Dermasculpt which was very helpful. The cost was $250 and included a box of cannula's which run about $140/box. It was a small group about 12 injectors plus models. We brought our own product and they provided the cannula's and disposables. I found it very helpful and I am using the cannula more and more in my practice.

Greeting Dr Karimi, by Patrick Voegele MD on 10/06/2014

I'd like to thank you once again for the excellent training seminar on Nov 17th. Since the seminar, I have done 2 volume restorations and both went very well without bruising or any discomfort. I feel very comfortable with the Dermasculpt cannulas and will use them exclusively in the future. After watching your videos over and over I must conclude that you have superior technique compared to you peers. I very much look forward to your training DVDs which are coming out in the near future. Please let me know how to get a copy.

Very useful bundle by Niakosari on 09/16/2014

The CDs compliment the product and the mixture of the needles are great.

Nice product by Sal on 09/16/2014

It helps finish the procedure to the pt with no pain at all

Standard of Care by Saving Face on 09/15/2014

I have been using Dermasculpt for over 3 years now and have been completely satisfied. I feel that micro blunt tip cannulas should be the standard of care. My patients are happy with their results and with little to no down time, they keep coming back.

Much Less Bruising! by PtakMD on 09/08/2014

Our patients LOVE the fact that they are bruising less after their injections! We will keep ordering your product!

excellent product by Mo on 08/28/2014

I have been using this product for the last year and am able to treat areas of the face and eyes with fabulous results, and my patients are thrilled with the results.

Overall Good Experience by Isaac on 08/26/2014

I ordered my cannula and within 1 day, they were shipped. I was satisfied with how quickly the cannula shipped and arrived. They were hand delivered and handled with care. I will definitely continue to order them in the future as my source of cannula.

Amazing! by Rebecca on 08/18/2014

The product had changed my injectable practice! I would recommend it to everyone!

Great product by Tara on 08/18/2014

We are very pleased with this product and have recently decided to order more similar products from your company

Great by Lynn on 08/11/2014

Product worked great with patient use.

product was great by Lynn on 08/11/2014

Product was great on use with patient.

Excellent results by cornhusker31 on 08/06/2014

The variability of depth and speed is nice in the Dr. Dermic pen.

Excellent by Nathan Newman on 08/06/2014

The cannulas are great- no complaints!

Cannulas by Newbeauty on 07/31/2014

our patients and providers are both very pleased with this product. We use them in all three of our practices. Thank you for great quality products.

Gets the job done... by Dr. W on 07/31/2014

A useful cannula diameter for Sculptra minimizing bruising and discomfort!

Love this product by Michelle Doran MA NP# 217472 on 07/24/2014

We love using the cannula at RN Esthetics as it's great for patient comfort and ease of administration of filler. We especially love it for lower face as there's no bruising.

love this product by Linda on 07/24/2014

I love this product especially when filling tear troughs. It's the perfect size and very easy to push product. Clients love that there's no bruising.

I am very happy with the results of fillers after using the cannulas. by PSA on 07/24/2014

We have been using the cannulas for over a year. We are seeing less bruising and our patients are very happy with that. We are very pleased with all results and will continue to use them. We are also happy that the cannula and the needle are now packaged together.

27G x 1.5" Cannulas by YEnzerMD on 07/21/2014

Definitely have made a marked improvement in the delivery of product AND patient satisfaction!

A must! by DrC on 07/04/2014

Avanti Derma keeps a stock of CosmoFrance's micro cannulas which are used for grafting both temporary and permanent soft tissue fillers, with no exception of the area being treated. Our favorite sizes are 22x2, 18x2¾ and 30x1. Cannot work without them!

Great product by angie emanuelli on 07/04/2014

Great product

***** by Dr. Kolker on 07/04/2014

Great product!

Product works well with Voluma by David Kim on 07/01/2014

We have utilized the 25 G with Juvederm Voluma administration and found it very helpful and user friendly.

Amazing by ST on 06/30/2014

Amazing product. Easy to work with and patients love it. There's hardly any bruising and they say it doesn't hurt much.

Great Product! by SSC on 06/24/2014

Added these to our practice about two months ago and could not be happier! Great product, which equals happy satisfied customers.

Good Quality by Dr. Valdes on 06/17/2014

I'm on my fourth box of these needle cartridges now and have yet to have a "dud." Quality control is good and they continue to perform well.

Nice quality product by Elham on 05/30/2014

I have tried a few brands and DermaSculpt (cosmofrance) has been the best so far. It has just the right balance between rigidity and flexibility and it is quite easy to guide it under the skin without fearing that it may get bent. So far the best!

Best cannula I've tried by Dr. Weiner on 05/02/2014

Tried Softfil, these are better.

Great product! by BayAreaDerm on 04/02/2014

These cannulas are wonderful!

Works very well. Now using on almost all applications. by jl on 03/27/2014

Significant decrease bruising and discomfort. Very easy to use, and increase sense of safety. No longer using nerve blocks for lips, when using cannula

great by Jackie on 03/26/2014

very flexible cannula and atraumatic

Quality Needling Tips by Abeisel on 03/21/2014

I purchased the Dermapen in January 2014 and then discovered Dr. Dermic. They claimed there tips to be exactly the same as Dermapen and I was skeptical. However the savings was significant so I decided to take a chance. I am happy to report the tips are EXACTLY the same as Dermapen at a fraction of the cost. So glad I discovered this company. Can't wait to try out there needling device in the near future.

Great Product by Ash on 03/18/2014

This is a great product, all of the physicians and PA's in the practice I work for have found this product to be very durable and effective. We love it!

Great! by cadella on 03/18/2014


Good except Juvederm by Kahrenp on 02/09/2014

My only problem with this cannula is attachment to Juvederm syringes. It cracks the hub of the syringe (as does anything that isn't packaged with the Juvederm product although the company will adamantly deny it).

Bruise free by Laura on 02/06/2014

My patients and I both love these cannulas because of the decrease in bruising and less pain. I love the diameter because I have great control over injection and size allows me to treat entire n/l fold with one entry point.

Dr Chasin loves the 27 x 1 1/2 by MEF on 02/04/2014

Dr Chasin has been using the cannulas on almost all dermal fillers. There is no bruising and higher patient satisfaction.

Great microcannula by Aesthetic Dermatology on 01/31/2014

My patients love the microcannula, which is less painful, almost no bruising for my patients, and is easy to use.

love it! by Bruce Chan on 01/30/2014

love it. It comes with the guiding needle in the same package. It is very easy to use. And the price is a lot cheaper than other companies.

Great Product by Dr. Valdes on 01/07/2014

Works perfectly with the Dr. Dermic pen. The needles are well packaged for easy insertion into the device and hold up well through a typical treatment of the entire face.

Most versatile size by Laura S on 11/20/2013

The 27" is the most versatile of cannulas, perfect for most fillers, thick or thin, the 30" is too thin for many fillers, I end up pushing too hard for comfort. 1 ½" length is useful for nasolabial folds, marionette lines and under eyes.

Love the 27 x 1 1/2 by MEF on 09/20/2013

We have used other cannulas and are very satisfied with this one. We use the 27 x 1 1/2 all the time.

Very pleased by W* on 09/13/2013

Product has worked flawlessly on every occasion we've used it. No bruising nor complaints of discomfort at all. Fantastic product.

Dermasculpt reduces my anxiety and improves my confidence by Alexander Doan, MD on 03/06/2013

I have been using Dermasculpt cannulas for dermal filler injections for more than a year. Using the Dermasculpt, I can securely inject to any sensitive area that I would not dare go in with a sharp needle. That helps reduce lots of apprehensions and restlessness. Patients are so happy with the procedures and they cheerfully refer friends and family to the office, that takes extra steps to reduce complications and cut down downtimes.

Easy to use with great results by N/A on 02/04/2013

Love injecting with this cannula. Such smooth results and can access many areas with just one entry spot. Clients love it too.

Excellent Product for Periorbital injection of fillers by Lemi Adebayo, MD on 01/16/2013

Great product and far much safer for peri orbital injections of fillers for fine lines and wrinkles.

Great Product by Lemi Adebayo, MD on 01/16/2013

As observed by other physicians, patient satisfaction is much higher compared to traditional injection with needles. Bruising is minimal and with experience it saves time as well but more importantly it's far much safer risks of trauma to blood vessels is drastically reduced.

Great Idea by Ramon Hugo Sanchez, M.D. on 12/21/2012

Easy to use, no bruising, flexible cannula, less entry points, and use of topical anesthetics makes it a great selling point to patients afraid of bruising or injections. Nobody wants to bruise. Using the cannula objectively reduces the possibility of bruising, period.

Smooth and easy to use by N/A on 12/17/2012

This cannula was very easy to place properly and gave a smooth result.

Makes injections much easier by ASDOLLAH LIVANI M.D. on 11/26/2012

Great for deep injection and sculpting

Perfect for Juvederm Voluma by Dr. Raul Banegas, MD Buenos Aires, Argentina on 10/15/2012

Since I´m using this cannula, I´ve replaced the 18G provided by Allergan in Voluma packages for this 22G, with same simplicity to use, less trauma, and better results.

Flexible and smooth by N/A on 10/02/2012

Great canula, it is flexible so its possible to manipulate easily, and so smooth to inject the filler at the same time.

Thrilled! by N/A on 09/28/2012

Our first patient that we used the blunt needle on for Juvederm felt absolutely no pain after the initial stick of to make a hole for the blunt tip. She had no bruising & tolerated the procedure very well! We are very happy with this product.

Less injections, less trauma, much less bruising by Bernadette Mints, RN on 07/26/2012

I vowed not to do anything to my patients, that I didn't actually experience myself. I used the microcannula (27g-2 inch) on my own face with Juvederm. I was able to treat the entire side of my face with 5 injections!! I had one small bruise near the corner of my mouth, but even it was superficial and disappeared within 48 hrs. I love this product and can't wait to use it on my patients!!

Excellent Cannula by DS on 07/21/2012

Excellent cannula. I love using these. They add considerable flexibility in the way I can use fillers and have significantly reduced bruising. My only suggestion is the sheath that comes on the 2" cannula. It is not solid and does not lock onto the cannula, so it is difficult to make a good seal with the lure-loc of the syringe when connecting it to the cannula. The 1.5" cannulas do not have this issue.

State of the Art for Fillers by Grady Harp, MD on 07/21/2012

The 22G X 2" microcannula is not only easy to use, but the flexibility of the cannula avoids rupture of the tiny vessels that produce the unwanted bruising. Patients tolerate them better than needles and delivery of the filler in precisely the location you desire is is maximal. These new microcannulas should be the state of the art. Excellent product!

Easy to use, with no bruising! by D. Hulse, RN on 06/12/2012

I love these microcannulas. They are very easy to use and my feedback from my patients has been overwhelmingly positive. Much less discomfort and no bruising.

Cosmofrance, inc is ranked 4.85 out of 5. Based on 230 user reviews.