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ez4K Kit


1 Patient Kit only compatible with the ezPRF Centrifuge

    This combination does not exist.

    Our EZ4K kit is a 1 patient kit that contains 4tubes of 13ml  and will yield up to 10cc of Blood Concentrate.
    It includes:

    • Blister of 2 EZPRF tubes (x2)

    • Blood collector set

    • Disposable tourniquet

    • Female-to-female luer-lock connector

    • 3ml luer-lock syringe (x2)

    • 5ml luer-lock syringe

    • 22G x 2" sharp collection needle (x2)

    • 27G x 1/2" sharp needle

    • 30G x 1/2" sharp needle

    • 25G x 1 1/2" DermaSculpt microcannula

    • 23G x 1 1/2"  DermaSculpt microcannula

    *ezPRF Kits only compatible with the ezMINISPIN Centrifuge

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    ez4K Kit