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ez4K 10 Kit PackSet of 10 Patient Kits only compatible with the ezPRF Centrifuge

ez4K 10 Kit Pack Set of 10 Patient Kits only compatible with the ezPRF Centrifuge

Our EZ4K kit, is a 1 patient kit that contains 4 tubes of 13ml  and will yield up to10cc of Blood Concentrate.

Set of 10 Patient kits

Each kit includes:

- Blister of 2 EZPRF tubes (x 2)
- Blood collector set
- Disposable tourniquet
- 3ml luer-lock syringe (x 2)
- 5ml luer-lock syringe
- 22G x 2 inches sharp Collection needle (x2)
- 27G x 1/2 inches sharp needle
- 30G x 1/2 inches sharp needle
- 25G 1.5 inch DermaSculpt microcannula
- 22G 2 inches DermaSculpt microcannula
- Female-to-female luer lock connector

*ezPRF Kits only compatible with the ezMINISPIN Centrifuge

3 Reviews

  • Reviewed by Cheryl A. Verified
    Love PRF
    Love the EZ-PRF machine and it's multiple settings! I only wish they included 27gage 1.5 "or 2�۝ micro-cannulas too in the kit!
  • Reviewed by Irina Verified
    Easiest to use PRF
    Great kit comes with extra cannulas , easy to use . Going on My 3 order .
  • Reviewed by Araceli A. Verified
    I love the centrifuge, it
    I love the centrifuge, it makes the procedure easier.